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Terrorists targeting Mumbai again – High alert!

Dawood Ibrahim’s health update from Karachi

Terrorists were now targeting Mumbai again. Underworld don Dawood Ibrahim is said to have planned to create few blasts in Mumbai in 2017 just like how he planned in 1993. It has been almost 25 years, and the underworld don is happily roaming around in the world without any worries. It is known that India demanded Pakistan to work on the anti-terrorism but the nation’s Ex-leader Musharaf strongly stated that they won’t help India in finding Dawood Ibrahim.

He further hinted that if Dawood is in Pakistan, even then they won’t help India to find him. This turned extremely controversial and exposed the intentions of Pakistan to the world. Indian representatives mentioned these in the recent international meetings and Pakistan is expected to work on the anti-terrorist activities inside its nation. Intelligence department of India, on interrogating the captured terrorists, came to a conclusion that Dawood handed over the Mumbai Attacks in 2017 project to his brother to execute. On this, India alerted Maharastra government on security and high alert is on progress.