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This time Pakistan is RGV’s target


Most controversial film maker in India, Ram Gopal Varma is now concentrating on the film “26/11 Attacks”. This film is going to be released soon. Just like all other films, Ram Gopal Varma started doing publicity for this flick too. It is known that this film maker targets a particular set of people while doing publicity.

For the recent “Bezawada” flick, he concentrated on the people of Vijayawada. He got immense popularity with the agitation of that set of people. Now he is triggering Pakistanis. He recently tweeted that, “My greatest wish with regard to ‘The attacks of 26/11 ‘ film is that more than anyone else the people of Pakistan should watch it.”

He started doing publicity by triggering Pakistanis. Atleast for this statement, Pakistanis will watch this flick. Everybody’s eyes are on the climax of this film. RGV recently told that, with Kasab’s execution he found and ending for his story. We have to wait for some more time to know what RGV will show as climax for this venture.