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Tim Cook’s exciting statement to Iphone fans!

iPhone SE First Look

Apple CEO Tim Cook in a recent event mentioned that the best Iphone will hit the market this year. Today, 9th Jan is a special day for Apple as Steve Jobs first introduced the Iphone to the world in Mac World 2007 event in San Francisco. In the last 10 years, Apple has sold over a billion Iphones and turned to be a top leader in luxury phones space.

Apple has been redefining the features of Iphone every year and all the releases of Iphone were almost successful till date. Speaking on the success of the Iphone business, Tim Cook mentioned that they had an amazing journey till date and the best is yet to come. Iphone 8 is expected to hit the market this year and we can expect something very special in this version as it is Iphone’s 10th birthday.

This is definitely a good news for the Iphone lovers and folks, be ready to see a new Iphone with amazing feature in the next few months.