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Trending: Paritala Sri Ram’s comment ‘Memu Mondivallam’

Paritala Sri Ram, the heir of Paritala family which has a film on their story, is back into the headlines. In the upcoming elections, Paritala Sri Ram is expected to take charge in Anantapur region from TDP side and his mother Paritala Sunitha was currently in Minister role. Speaking to the people in one of the villages, Paritala Sri Ram stated that, “Memu Mondivallam, Maku Hani Talapetani Vallantha Ma Valle. Ma Vallaku Hani Talapete Vallantha Shathruvule. Paritala Chepina Mata, Ayana Prana Tyagam Spurthiga Mundhuku Veltham”.

This is now the hot topic in social media. Most of the people see this sort of aspects in Telugu films and watching it in real life turns interesting. A video on the same is now turning viral in social media. Looks like the region of Anantapur is set to be on fire again in the next elections. We have to see how Pawan Kalyan and YS Jagan react as they are eyeing on Anantapur region for the next elections.