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Trending: Petrol bunks in India to be closed on Sundays!

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Petrol bunks in India will now be closed on Sunday. Most of the petrol bunks decided to stand with the government on saving the oil resources. As per the Modi’s call on saving oil resources, petrol bunks in AP, Telengana, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, Pondicherry, Maharastra and Haryana will stay closed on May 14th. Around 150 Crores loss is said to be happening due to this act but to save oil resources, petrol bunks have decided to go for this act.

Adding to this, the petrol bunk owners were aiming to make this as a practice to close the bunks on sundays. As per few petrol bunk owners, the sales of oil resources was 40% less on sundays and hence it is said to be a good day to start the practice of saving oil resources. Even the employees will get a day off which will help the bunk owners to keep them motivated in the remaining days. More over, people will approach the bunks on the rest of 6 days and will make sure that they fill the tank enough for their sunday rides. Hence, practically, there won’t be any loss for petrol bunk owners in long run.