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Trending: Relation between Vijay Malya and terrorist Kasab

Special Focus: Vijay Malya’s offer to Indian banks!

Kingfisher owner Vijay Malya, the one who took huge amount of loans from Indian banks and ran away from the nation to escape from the bankers, is expected to return back to India soon. As per the information, London Police were investigating few aspects related to Vijay Malya and Indian government is demanding the UK government to send Vijay Malya back to the nation. Looks like the situations are slowly turning in favor of India and we can expect Vijay Malya to be in India soon.

Reports raised in the media that Indian government is planning to allocate the jail to Vijay Malya, which was previous allocated to terrorist Kasab. Vijay Malya has to pay back 9000 Crores to the bankers and on March 2nd, 2017, he left India and went to UK, as it helps in escaping from the scenario. It has been almost 6 months and India is trying its best to get back the Kingfisher and make him pay back the money.