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Trending: YS Jagan’s Kurukshetra dialogue

YS Jagan’s statement on what he talked with Modi

YSRC leader Jagan’s Kurukshetra dialogue in Nandyal turned to be the most trending in social media. As a part of the Nandyal elections, YSRC and TDP were continuing their promotional activities. Both the parties are taking the elections seriously in this region and both the parties are taking this elections as the pre-exam for the upcoming 2019 elections. Jagan himself participated in the elections campaign in Nandyal and he mentioned that if he too says fake words like Chandra Babu Naidu, he would have been the current CM for the state.

Jagan fired on Chandra Babu Naidu saying that he promised several aspects but never fulfilled anyone of them. Adding to this, Jagan stated that YSRC will win the upcoming Kurukshetra war which is expected to happen in another 1.5 years. Few TDP leaders mentioned the “Temper” dialogue that if two people fight it is a war but what is coming up is “Dandayatra”. Nandyal elections are heating up the political circles. Lets wait to see who wins the prestigious polling.