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Triple Talaq is Illegal – Supreme Court

Is triple talaq fundamental to Islam, SC asks (Second Lead)

Triple Talaq turned into a hot topic in India. As per this custom, Muslim men can give divorce to Muslim women by saying Talaq three times. Few Muslim dominated countries banned this custom saying it as illegal but in India, this tradition was in practice. Revolting against this, a Muslim woman who was said to be the victim of Triple Talaq, approached Supreme Court for justice. Few more Muslim women joined her and they started campaigning on this movement in India.

Supreme Court investigated this issue by calling several religious heads from different religions. Voting system was implemented and 3 votes came for banning the tradition saying it is illegal while 2 votes came in favor of it. Taking the majority, Supreme Court gave a verdict that Triple Talaq is no more valid and is illegal to divorce wife as per this custom. Few Muslim women stated that India finally acknowledged the discrimination they were facing till date due to Triple Talaq. Stay tuned to know more updates.