Telugu Politics

TRS destroying cutouts business in Telengana?


Whenever there is a political election or an event, the entire state will look colorful with cutouts. It is a huge business in Indian states and several people were living on it. In Telengana, when there is a TRS event, politicians will spend a bomb on cutouts and they make sure that the entire road near the event looks pink. Same is the case with TDP and other parties.

In the recent times, there has been a debate where TDP leaders and TRS leaders fought among themselves as the other party members removed their cutouts to put theirs. To avoid this sort of clashes and to make the state look clean, TRS leader KTR mentioned that from Jan 1st, cutouts or banners will be banned in the state.

In one sense it is a good move as the state will look clean but on the other hand, we can expect a huge blow to the cutout business in the state. There have been several people and families depending on this occupation and they may face trouble from the new year.