Telugu Politics

TRS planning for expansion – KTR to play vital role!

Mission Bhagiratha to decide KCR’s fate in 2019 elections!

TRS emerged as a top party in Telengana and the way it started and grew up is definitely a case study for the politicians. Now, TRS is aiming to grow further into a top party in the nation. As per the information, TRS is looking for expansion into the other Telugu speaking state of Andhra Pradesh. In 2019, TRS is aiming to contest in few regions and KTR is expected to play a vital role. As TDP and YSRC are fighting with one another and people were expecting a fast growth in Andhra Pradesh, a need for new competitor is growing in the region.

Jana Sena is looking little slow and TRS is planning to tap in the situation. “Will KCR give his chair to KTR in the next elections?” turned to be an interesting topic. For this, KTR gave a strong reply that his father will rule for the next 10 years and later on, time decides on who can be the next leader.