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TRS way ahead of TDP – No doubt for next elections!

KTR’s special discussion with Municipal Corporators

Post bifurcation, everyone felt that Telengana state might go backward as the government is inexperienced and the problems the state has were on the peaks. Interestingly, TRS turned out to be the best for the people and the government is very strong on strategy compared to its counter parts. While all the parties were concentrating on farmers as they are the biggest voter bank in the states of Telengana and Andhra Pradesh, TRS stepped a bit ahead and caught hold of the second largest voter bank.

As per the statistical report, handloom industry is the second biggest voter bank in Telengana after the farmers. KTR mentioned that they have allocated 1280 Crores for this group and the facilities like discounts in loans which was being given for farmers was now extended for the handloom industry too. Right from Entrepreneurship till the farming, TRS is not leaving a single stone unturned and we can expect that this government will surely bang the elections next time without any doubts.