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Trump effect: Indians getting bashed all over the world!

Trump’s 100 day agenda

Looks like Trump effect is spreading to the entire world. After USA, Australia started imposing restrictions on the visas which Indians are using the most. Apart from these visa related stuff, racism is raising in the world and Indians are being targeted to maximum extent. Recently, an NRI who was working in Ireland was subjected to racism. It seems that he was travelling in a train and as the seat adjacent to him was vacant, he kept his bag in that place.

Seeing this, an Irish lady opposite to him fired on him saying that he didn’t pay for the extra seat. She further proceeded saying that Indians are bagging their jobs and were occupying their nation. After 16 minutes of racist talk, the train finally came to a halt at a station where the Indian got down from that compartment and moved to the other one. The lady didn’t listen even when fellow passengers were trying to stop her. The entire thing got recorded in a video which is now turning viral in Twitter. Trump’s effect is being seen all over the world. Interestingly, he himself is employing several Indians in his government!