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Trump effect: India’s top talent working on Entrepreneurship in India

Trump effect is showing its impact on India. IITians, who generally dream to go to USA are now getting into Entrepreneurship in India. As the software companies in India are not paying high enough for their talent, IITians and the top talent in India were preferring to start their own companies in the nation using the Entrepreneurship schemed which are being provided by Indian government.

The wave, which recently started may show its impact on USA in next 4 -5 years span. Due to the US visa policies, the international giants who hired Indian talent were not able to get them visa to get them onboarded in US locations. Few companies routed them to Canada and other locations where they have offices and few companies expanded their bases in India pushing the US requirements to India.

On an average, due to the Trump’s rule, the count down for USA’s supremacy over the world in technology got started and if India plays well in the next 4 – 5 years, we can expect the nation to get the best benefit in the form of top class companies.