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Trump should stop Tweeting – 69% Americans!

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Amidst tensions of North Korea – USA issue, voting has been on progress in USA on Donald Trump. In this voting, 69% of the Americans felt that Trump should stop tweeting. 51% mentioned that they are quite unhappy with Trump as president. Almost 94% of non-white people voted against Trump being the president of USA. 60% felt that Trump is not honest and is a corrupt politician. As Donald Trump furiously mentioned that he would wipe off North Korea, tensions started all over the world on the war.

Most of the nations felt that if at all war happens, it would be the last one on planet Earth. Both USA and North Korea are nuclear powers and both are ready to use nuclear weapons on one another if necessary. None of Trump and Kim were ready to step back and the issue is escalating higher day by day. With the support of Japan and South Korea, USA is ready to stop North Korea from creating destruction. The voting shows that the people in USA too were not that confident on the decisions made by Trump.