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Trump vs Kim Jong – Biggest Hydrogen bomb in Pacific ocean

North Korea is said to have got offended with Trump’s recent speech. Trump mentioned that US is ready to wipe off North Korea completely and to this Kim Jong reverted back with a big message. North Korean foreign minister mentioned that Kim himself wrote the entire letter and sent it, which means that he was offended to the core due to Trump’s speech. Foreign Minister of North Korea mentioned that North Korea is preparing for the biggest Hydrogen Bomb attack in Pacific ocean.

The impact of this is said to be on the entire west coast of USA. It is a fact that North Korean leader Kim Jong asked his team to prepare more nuclear warheads. If North Korea decides to start the war, we can expect this nation to send multiple nuclear missiles to various nations surrounding it. Trump asked all the nations which were exporting goods to North Korea to stop the process. China is said to be the main country which is exporting lot of goods into North Korea. We have to see if China obeys USA’s orders.