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Uber Bike taxis in Hyderabad – Will it work out well?

Making your Uber driver wait could cost you

Uber who is encountering huge competition from Ola cabs and other taxi services firms, is now aiming to make themselves popular by trying bike taxis. Uber grandly inaugurated these services in Hyderabad recently and the company is expecting this experiment to take Uber to the next level in the competition with the rivals. KCR, KTR and few TRS politicians inaugurated this service in Hyderabad.

This sort of experiments were done in the past in few other cities in India and it didn’t work out well for the companies. “Will it work for Uber in Hyderabad?” turned to be the point. As per the analysts, traffic is raising in the city and people are preferring to be picked up and dropped rather than stressing their brain in the traffic. Cars are turning out to be expensive and hence they might prefer Uber bike taxis to get the best benefit.

Lets wish Uber all the best in this attempt.