Telugu Politics

Unexpected move from Congress – Shock to KCR!


Congress party in Telengana is aiming to give shock after shock to KCR. From the past few days, Congress has been firing on TRS but didn’t come up as a big movement. Now, Congress leaders decided to start a huge movement to turn all the attention of the people. On this, Uttham Kumar Reddy from Congress called for a Deeksha in Indira Park on 20th of this month.

This Deeksha is regarding the failure of TRS government to fulfill the promises they made during the elections time. Uttam Kumar mentioned that KCR promised 3 acres of land to Dalits and support to the BC categories in Telengana, during the elections time but till now none of them were fulfilled. He stated that not even 5% of what TRS has promised during elections was completed.

Considering this as a failure of the government, Congress decided to motivate people against TRS, who are otherwise thinking that TRS is doing a great job. On the other hand, people in Telengana are quite happy with TRS rule and they felt that the party is working hard to make Telengana a better state.