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Update on Shankar’s Robo-2.0


The highest budget flick in the history of Indian Cinema Robo-2.0 is going on in very fast pace. The latest update from the movie team reveals a shocking thing.

Director Shankar has planned to make the sequel of blockbuster Robo starring Thalaivar Rajini Kanth as main lead with a budget of 250 crores. The production cost has been kept on increasing with the addition of other aspects. As of now, the team claims that they have completed 75% of its shoot. Now the director has arranged a special set which costs 12 crores just for the sake of a fight. Lead actress Amy Jackson and Antagonist Akshay Kumar have been shooting right now in that special set. Soon Rajini will participate in this fight. With this, the estimated overall budget has touched 450 crores just for the sequel.

This movie has missed its target release date April and will move further. Fans are expected to see this film at least on or before Independence day. Meanwhile, Music legend A R Rahman has started working for this movie.