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US – Korea: Black out bomb is ready for North Korea

Inferiority complex to create war between USA – North Korea

USA and its alliances were ready with a black out bomb for North Korea. The specialty of this bomb is to completely shut down the power supply of the enemy. Previously, this sort of bomb was used in the Gulf War and now South Korea decided to use it on North Korea in case of war. US war planes were roaming around North Korea to get the right signals from that nation to start the war.

Donald Trump has been tweeting in the social media that for the past 25 years North Korea has been getting benefits and the world leaders at that time didn’t take a step to stop it. But now, Trump is intended to stop North Korea from destructing the world and USA is said to be ready for war. Other nations were feeling that if war breaks between the nations, it would be the end of human life as radioactive radiation will kill all the people in the world.