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USA vs North Korea: Entire world to get destroyed!

North Korea’s nuclear test creating earthquakes in China!

Ego is one of the most interesting emotion in human life. This is the reason behind Hitler starting World War 2. There has been times when people literally sacrificed everything and destroyed everything just to prove that they are superior. If we scroll down the history, we will find this sort of situations in huge number. Now, similar situation was being seen in USA vs North Korea. Both the nations are trying to prove that they are superior.

On one side, Trump is not interested to move back and was furiously giving statements that he would wipe off North Korea. On the other side, Kim mentioned Trump to be a mentally retarded individual and he said that he would teach him a lesson. In between the entire world will get destroyed. USA which is suffering from series of hurricanes will have even more causalities in case of war as it is going to be a Nuclear warfare. North Korea may started bombing Japan, South Korea and USA in parallel which would destroy the nations. The entire market, jobs and everything will get destroyed with just a nod from either Trump or Kim. Lets hope nothing happens and they just bash one another with words without going for war.