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Uttam Kumar demands KCR to open his mouth on money crisis


The Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee (TPCC) President N Uttam Kumar Reddy has expressed his astonishment over the KCR for staying silent on the burning money crisis in the Telangana State.

N.Uttam Kumar Reddy has lashed out on his political rival CM KCR for not responding officially on the demonetization effect by PM Modi. Uttam expressed his surprise by stating that how can the issue all those official white paper reports on financial situations of the state and still stay silent without responding. He demanded KCR to respond on this money scarcity and take a stand for his State’s people as a support.

Uttam Kumar Reddy also pointed out the KCR’s indirect support to Centre for not commenting anything against PM Modi on demonetization. He even accused that KCR is taking the full political advantage from the center without taking a stand on currency ban.

Some of the enthusiastic political analysts support Uttam Kumar’s statements as KCR for real didn’t respond anything officially. All he did was expressing his anger and concern within the party and government meetings. It is quite evident that the Telangana is losing many crores of rupees due to this effect and its time to KCR to take a stand and fight for the losses occurred.