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Venkaiah Naidu’s first task – Clean Media!

Venkaiah Naidu elected Vice President of India

, who was the present Vice President of India, mentioned in the recent meeting that the way media is showing the political aspects in Rajyasabha is not the right one. He requested the media to show progressive discussions in the house rather than telecasting the controversial aspects. It is a fact that Indian media was not considered to be the best in the world as most of the media channels concentrate on TRP rating.

BJP is keep in cleaning the entire nation and cleaning the media too is a part of it. Looks like, Venkaiah Naidu took that responsibility and is aiming to clean the media. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is already working on cleaning the nation withe “Swatch Bharat” and cleaning the corruption with series of experimental decisions. If everything goes well, we can see a clean nation in the next few years. All the best to the new set of politicians who are thinking about raising the nation internationally to No.1 position.