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Water war between A.P and Telangana


There has been a dispute aroused between the two Telugu states Andhra Pradesh and Telangana recently due to the waters of Pattiseema recently.

Going into the details, the A.P government has constructed the Pattiseema Project as a temporary alternative to mighty Polavaram Project in West Godavari. The main purpose of this project is to divert extra water in the time of floods into Krishna river basin for Rayalaseema. But the Telangana government is asking its share Pattiseema water for them. In their view, the A.P is getting more than enough with that extra water from the Godavari into Krishna. They went and asked for their share in Krishna River Management Board(KRMB). But they have refused the claim of Telangana by explaining the same reason. They say that A.P will get 63.13% and Telangana will get 36.87% of waters in the main projects of River Krishna. In other words, A.P will get 87 TMCs and Telangana will get 43 TMCs of water this year based on the rainfall registered.

The KRMB has sent these shares to both the governments of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. The board has asked to write back their suggestions and issues on or before 13th of this month. If they fail to send their reports, the board made it clear that no response indicates the acceptance of the shares. Telangana government is not happy with this proposal and we can expect negative reports from T-State water officials.

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