Telugu Politics

What’s up with Communist leaders meeting PK?


We all knew that the communist leaders like Ramakrishna have met Janasena Chief Pawan Kalyan yesterday at Hyderabad. Now, there is an interesting discussion going on in political circles on this meeting.

As the Janasena Chief Pawan Kalyan has been fighting against ‘Special Category Status’, it is quite evident that he is fighting against the Centre as well as the State’s governance. This is clearly understood by left parties like CPI. As they are always having the rivalry with TDP, their only option left is Janasena. So the leaders Ramakrishna and other have met Pawan Kalyan and discussed the possible collaborations, ideologies, and future action plans. After meeting, they have declared that they are interested in fighting for people. Here, apart from ‘Special Category Status’, they are going to fight for some other causes like Vizag Railway Zone, SEZs, Note ban etc.

But the political analysts have their share of doubts. According to them, it is still unclear whether Pawan himself invited them or they went to meet Pawan all by themselves without invitation. Adding more fuel to the fire, we have seen CPI leaders supporting Pawan Kalyan in TV debates in recent times. So they are expecting a possible third front with Janasena-CPI alliance for general elections. Here comes an interesting point. Is this meeting for an alliance and strategy to win elections? or just for the sake of building some fake hope on TDP in order to split their vote bank as a conspiracy? The answers are left to the common people. Anyhow, the time will answer everything.