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Why Salman Khan is not marrying? – Here is the reason


Bollywood Six Pack star Salman Khan is one of the most eligible bachelors in India. He has crossed his 20s but still he is unmarried. There were several gossips rounding in Bollywood that this handsome hero will be getting married soon. But Salman Khan recently revealed his opinion on his marriage date.

It is known that this hero was struck in bottleneck problems for hunting black bucks in Jodhpur 13 years ago. This case is still laying in the court and the verdict is expected to be announced in future. Adding to this, Salman Khan consumed liquor and drove his car onto the people sleeping on the footpath in Mumbai. One person died in this incident and few others were injured. This case’s verdict is yet to be announced. Salman Khan may face imprisonment if these verdicts were out.

In this situation, if Salman Khan marries a lady, she may face extreme difficulty. Taking these points into consideration, Salman Khan announced that he is not going to marry anyone until the final judgment of those 2 cases gets revealed. It is known that Katrina Kaif called Salman Khan as her elder brother. Analysts are saying that, “Katrina might have thought that this case is not going to be ended soon. Hence she might have chose to quit the relationship saying that Salman Khan is her brother.”