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Why too many controversies in Tollywood?

Tollywood film industry is considered as the fastest growing regional film industry in India. The standards, budgets, technical aspects and everything are quite competitive compared to Bollywood. Within a span of another 10 years, Tollywood will cross Bollywood for sure. In this raising situation, why too many controversies are arising in Tollywood?
Before forgetting the Telengana agitation on Pawan Kalyan’s “Cameraman Ganga Tho Rambabu”, new controversy came into lime light in the form of “Denikaina Ready”. Brahmins all over the world started opposing the film “Denikaina Ready” saying that this film is hurting their feelings. Just like “Denikaina Ready”, they opposed “Brahmanism” too. All these films which were released for Dussera were subjected to controversy.
Film makers of these films are saying that, “We request audience to watch the films just like films. Please don’t compare it with real time situations. Films are meant only for enjoyment.” On the other hand, agitators are saying that, “Film makers are insulting our culture and movement.” They are further questioning that, “How can we feel this as an enjoyment?” Complete scenario in Tollywood has been changed after these issues and film makers are fearing to direct the film. This may affect the growth of Tollywood film industry. Hope all these controversies come to an end.