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Will PM Modi take the last advice of Jayalalitha?


Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Tamil Nadu Ex-CM Jayalalitha were said to be good friends in political domain. Jayalalitha in the past gave good advises to Modi which helped him to do good to the state of Tamil Nadu and the rest of the nation. It seems that Jayalalitha gave a short note to Modi just before 2 days of her cardiac arrest.

Jayalalitha is said to have asked Modi not to bring gold into the currency strike aspect as it would hurt the sentiments of the people. Jayalalitha, even though suffering from health issues in hospital for the past 2 months, followed politics regularly and updated herself on what is happening outside her ICU. She is said to have advised Modi not to touch the gold aspect as it would disturb the sentiments of the people.

Modi has kept few restrictions on gold and will he change the decision as per Jayalalitha’s advice is yet to be known.