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Young director interested in teasing girls!

Young director Maruthi Dasari debuted Tollywood film industry with the film “Ee Rojullo”. This director is now gearing up to direct a new love story “Bus Stop”. This film is said to be focusing on the love stories which start and end up in bus stops. It is an observed fact that this director showed the mentalities of few present generation girls in his last film “Ee Rojullo”.

This film revolves round the attitude of city girls. Now his next venture “Bus Stop” is stated to show the state of girls in bus stops. Generally, girls try to grab the hearts of boys with their beauty and this act is majorly seen in bus stops. This story may depict the unusual freedom given by parents to their girls which will make the girls play with the lives of boys. Whatever may be the film Maruthi Dasari directs, it is primarily teasing present generation city girls. Stay tuned to know what Maruthi Dasari has for us in the box.