Telugu Politics

YSRCP MP’s resignations affected by demonetization


Not only for common people, the demonetization effect hits the master plan of YSRCP Supreme Y.S Jagan’s master plan of making his MP’s resignation.

Earlier, as a part of their fight for Special Category Status and to take away the Pawan’s fame, YS Jagan has announced that his MP’s and even his MLA’s are ready to resign their positions to achieve the Status. But the sudden ban on currency has shown its effect on this plan. Now the MPs are in a big dilemma. As all the MP’s are already counting stars to change their old currencies and to convert their black money, these resignations are an extra burden for them. The YSRCP MP’s are thinking that if they resign, the election campaign followed by spending money for votes and rallies will cost a bomb. And in this scarcity of currency, it is almost an impossible task to resign and win again without much-needed currency.

On the other hand, the rival TDP Government along with Income Tax will keep a keen eye on these MP’s and on their black money. Now the YSRCP Leader Jagan and his MP’s are rethinking their plans and encountering new methods to fight for Special Category Status.