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YSRCP Women wing protested against gold tax


Opposing the Centre’s new rule of bringing gold under the Income Tax has brought uproar in many parts of the city. The State’s opposition party YSRCP has shown their protest in Tirupati against this move.

Some important women activists have staged their protest near ‘Gangamma’ temple in Tirupati under the leadership of YSRCP General Secretary Bhumana Karunakar Reddy yesterday. Speaking to the media, the former M.L.A Karunakar Reddy has slammed the Centre and its dictatorial governance lead by Modi. He accused the PM Modi as the reason for the wrath of poor and common people’s inconvenience in demonetization issue. With this step of imposing Tax on Gold, Karunakar stated that now the center has completely succeeded in bringing the women of poor classes to roads. He asked to uplift this God Taz or else the sentimental women of India will be so hurt by this rule. Reddy further questioned center about how can Finance Minister Arun Jaitley impose the tax on gold irrespective to economic classes. He demanded the PM Modi to clear all the existing issues in the nation as soon as possible.

Some section of common people are in support to this as the black money which has saved in the form of Gold will now slowly melt. Another section of common people is asking if how can one decide one’s gold can be judged whether it was from their family’s ancestors or bought with black money. It is a valid point as there won’t be any legal documents for the ancient gold which have been transcending to the descendants of the family