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I like Pawanism than Pawan’s ISM book: RGV

The controversial creative filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma has again raised the name of power star Pawan Kalyan after many days. This time, he has given a free piece of advice.

He took his official account to post his thoughts on Pawan Kalyan. RGV claimed that he read the book ISM co-written by Pawan Kalyan which was released in the Vizag’s open meeting of Janasena. RGV dared to declare that the book ISM has nothing but a collection of Pawan’s favorite philosophies which he follows and asks others to follow. RGV who basically likes the one’s own philosophy asks Pawan not to carry all the steps he has climbed with him on the ladder of success. According to him, Pawan’s own natural behavior and lifestyle itself is impeccable and exuberant than the book ISM. So he concluded that he finds the book ISM useless but he still claims that he is a great fan of Pawanism.

RGV indeed advised Pawan Kalyan to follow his own Ism than following others. On the same note, he asks Pawan not to get influenced by other people and politicians around him as he has a long way to go.