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Mahesh contradicts NTR Jr ahead of Spyder release

Yesterday evening, the entire team of Spyder has arranged its pre-release promotional interview at Hyderabad. In this event, none other than the hero Mahesh Babu has opened up about the ongoing issue of film reviewers.

Not less than a couple of days ago, the Young Tiger NTR Jr has made some sensational comments on some section of analysts for their negative reviews. He has opined that some reviewers are just killing the Cinema. His competitor for Dussehra, Mahesh Babu just one night ahead of his movie release has backed up the analysts by indirectly contradicting NTR Jr’s comments. He said that reviewers are genuinely giving out the reviews for all his films. He declared that if the film is really good, then they are giving positive reviews. On the same note, he revealed that he does follow reviews for the films on the internet. This comments of Mahesh has cheered up the film journos who are presented at the event.

Let us wait a few more hours and see if his movie Spyder gets either a positive or negative review for his efforts since ten months. This movie has already released in all the regions and the verdict is awaited.