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Mahesh once again proved his golden heart

Prince Mahesh Babu is known as a golden duck for the producers. Such hero has faced a disaster with Spyder. However, this hero’s recent act has touched the producers in a big way.

Going into the details, Mahesh Babu’s first-ever bilingual Spyder got released on 27th of Dussehra and bombed miserably in both Tamil and Telugu. This big budget entertainer left the producers and distributors in almost 50% of losses. Knowing about the news, Mahesh has participated in a quick meet with the producers and distributors of Spyder. It came to know that he took 23 crores of remuneration and he is willing to pay it back to the distributors and producers who faced losses with Spyder. He will pay the amount as soon as he receives his remuneration for his ongoing flick Spyder. He also assured some distributors that he will make sure to get the rights of Bharat Ane Nenu to them.

Among all the producers, N.L Prasad and Tagore Madhu invested more. Even though they got the table profits, they have to answer the distributors in domestic and overseas regions. This is not the first time Mahesh backed his producers. He did the same during the debacles like Aagadu and Brahmotsavam.