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Mahesh’s take on Chiru and Rajini impresses all

Superstar Mahesh Babu is giving away aggressive promotional interviews to have a thunderous opening at the box office. He has opened up to his star status and competition with other heroes.

Prince Mahesh is known as one of the top stars in Tollywood. His fame has spread across other states such that even in the Bollywood, this star has got fans and following. Such hero, when asked about his star status, has delivered with a humble answer. The interviewer asked about the way he feels being a superstar of Telugu. Mahesh smiled big and replied that there are many superstars in South India like Chiranjeevi and Rajini Kanth. People go to the theatres to watch them despite hits and flops and that is called star status and he wants to achieve that.

On the same note, he has reminded that he considers the film itself is a bigger star than any other superstars in the Industry. He declared that his fans will not encourage his flicks if they are bad. However, he assured that Spyder will be a perfect thriller which will be in the lines of Ghajini and Thuppakki.