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Nag’s condition to RGV in discussions

The creative genius Ram Gopal Varma is on cloud nine for his next under hero Akkineni Nagarjuna who gave first break to RGV with Shiva. But the King Nag has given a small shock to RGV in the name of remuneration.

RGV announced that his next with Nag will get commenced from 20th of this month and the regular shoot follows without any interruption. In this situation, Nag has said to be made a clever move keeping Varma’s track record in mind. Nag being a businessman has made it straight to Varma that he is not going to take the risk of investing in this venture. Instead, he asked RGV to produce it so that he would take great care of production. Also, he has said to be quoted huge remuneration. Varma who has a habit of wrapping up flicks within 4-5 crores might invest 25-30 crores for Nag’s range. So RGV became busy searching for investors who put money under his production name Company for this flick. Once he gets the producers, this movie will have no financial troubles and the regular shoot will go like a river flow.

Also, the moviegoers and film analysts say that there are no expectations on this flick that this flick would be like another Shiva. All they have is a small ray of hope that this flick would bring back the vintage Varma, who is the master of creativity.