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No more Tappeswaram laddu for Khairatabad Ganesh

Among both Telugu states, when considered for Vinayaka Chaviti festival, stands special place. Every year, there will be some attractiveness, speciality about this Ganesh. Lakhs of will come to Khairatabad to have darshan of this special Ganesh. From the past 7 years, became even more famous with the tasty Tapeswaram Laddu for this Ganesh. But from this year, there will not be Tapeswaram Laddu for this Ganesh. Clash between Ganesh committee and Tapeswaram Laddu, Suruchi Foods owner Mallibabu is said to be the reason behind this act. But committee members are saying that, due to devotees clash for the laddu they decided not to contact Malli Babu this year.