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Renu Desai is in damage control mode

Former actress Renu Desai has been in news for a week or so for her recent interviews and her controversial Facebook posts. Her last two recent posts which contradict the other have left entire fans of Pawan and media in huge shock.

It is a known thing that the fans of Powerstar Pawan Kalyan slammed Renu for her interest on getting married once again to take care of her family and children. Then Renu came back with a huge post on Facebook regarding the treatment of women in the society. Her special mention of the line which states that a man can marry any times but why not a woman sounded like if she is pointing out at Pawan Kalyan and his fans. Talking this post as their base, leading news channels and media houses ran special debates and live shows targeting Renu Desai and Pawan Kalyan fans.

She left all in shell shock by her immediate Facebook post. She stated that she has made that post on the society of India but not on a particular section of men or person. She claimed that she never mentioned the name of Pawan sir not the fans of his in her post. So Renu declared that her post has nothing to do with Pawan fans. She gave a huge twist to the media by asking them to do positive programs for people rather than spreading controversial and negative programs.