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Renu Desai’s sensational comments on Pawan’s energy

The ex-wife of Powerstar Pawan Kalyan, Renu Desai has been still praising her ex Pawan Kalyan despite all the controversies she has been facing with his fans. Recently, she made a few more comments on Pawan’s energy.

It is a known thing that she is currently participating in a dance show as a co-judge in a leading Telugu channel. A participant has performed a song in her blockbuster Badri flick. As all are excited what she would say about this song at the time of her judgment, she praised Pawan to the sky. She claimed that Pawan has a unique style and his energy levels are unmatchable. So she declared that the participant only showed 10% of energy what Pawan showed in the song. On the same note, she stated that one has to match the energy of Pawan Kalyan before attempting his songs. As some are pointing at her judgment for belittling the participant, Pawan fans are expressing their joy for Renu Desai’s comments on Pawan’s energy.

It is quite wondering that she has never made any negative comments on her ex Pawan Kalyan since they got divorced. Even in some controversial situations, she kept her calm and only said good things about power star.