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RGV’s sweet revenge on his parents

The controversial director Ram Gopal Varma always entertain his fans and followers via his social networking sites. Today he felt his followers in rather a shock with his unimaginable post in his own parents.

RGV left Twitter to Facebook due to his personal reasons recently. Since the day he joined Facebook, he is writing some pieces on all burning issues in and outside the movie Industry. After slamming some politicians regarding Lakshmi’s NTR and Pawan Kalyan about his son’s name, he chose his parents to ridicule. On his Facebook wall, he has revealed an old picture of his father giving a clap to the first shot of the cult flick Shiva. Along with the photo, he has written that his father challenged that he would never become successful so he asked his father to give a clap of his first flick as a revenge. Not stopping there, he also uploaded a childhood photo of his taken with his mother only to explain a point. He proudly wrote that his mother just like his father thought that he can be useful for no good in this world. So he has decided to make her mother do the clap of his first shot of his next with Nagarjuna. One should not wonder if RGV uploads this picture of her mother clapping on the first shot of his flick with Nag on his Facebook. RGV calls it as sweet revenge and his haters call this as mad revenge.

RGV is busy finding producers and investors for his next with Nagarjuna. This untitled flick will be high on action and emotion which Nag and RGV never touched in their entire careers. Lead cast details will be revealed soon.