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Thums Up is not a soft drink, it’s Toofan – Vijay Deverakonda

The new Thums Up ad featuring star is not just a treat for his fans, is also a full-on adventure story. He is seen pulling off some high voltage daredevil action. 

Thums Up has always been a loved beverage by the people for its strong taste and experience, Indians usually term a soft drink but in this new ad, it rejects that label and while it does not describe itself as hard, which it is not, the beverage rechristens itself with an aggressive moniker, Toofan. 

The Toofan campaign encourages taking on every challenge with a growth mindset and bold approach while reinforcing a ‘never give up’ attitude. A brand like Thums Up which stands for the ‘never give up attitude’ deserved a separate word to be called out as, hence, ‘Soft Drink Kaadu, Idi Toofan’. 

Vijay Deverakonda with his palpable energy and inimitable style, will help amplify the inspirational quotient of the brand. 

Thums Up is always about the bravery and courage of its spirited drinker. Over the years, its advertising has been set apart by energetic, fast-paced and stylishly rendered action. The same has been tried in this new campaign.